Waiter resume

Resumes for waitresses

Resumes for waitresses

Many job seekers are interested in the field of waitressing but are not sure what is acceptable to write on a waiter's resume. The waitressing profession is considered a profitable and profitable option for many young people looking for a job after the army and during their studies in high school or the academy. One of the reasons for this is that this job does not require special education, nor is work experience in the field always mandatory since the best experience is gained while working, and many employers are willing to train waiters according to the specific requirements of the job. If so, in resumes for waitresses, there is no need to devote a large part to education, but if you have work experience, mention it in summaries and points that include the main points, which we will expand on later.
What do you write in a waiter

What do you write in a waiter's resume?

In a waiter's resume, it is helpful to present the work experience before the education since, as mentioned, most of the knowledge needed for a waiter is acquired during the experience of actual work in the "field." Therefore, if you have experience in waitressing or in a similar field such as customer service, mention and emphasize it. List in brief points about each role what your responsibilities were, what skills you brought to light, etc. For example, you can write that you were responsible for serving five tables per shift, regularly worked and cooperated with the kitchen staff, trained new waiters, etc.

If you have no experience as a waitress but have other work experience unrelated to waitressing or customer service, add it to show the employer some work history.

Then write briefly about the education you have acquired so far: did you finish high school with full or partial enrollment? Have you taken any courses? Are you currently studying for a bachelor's degree? State it briefly so that your potential employer has a chance to get to know you. Sometimes this can even give you a relative advantage because even if you have not yet gained enough work experience to be able to mention in your resume, previous work or volunteering requires you to demonstrate skills and qualities such as responsibility, organization, initiative, management or discipline, the employer will be able to consolidate You must have a favorable opinion and be convinced that you can fit the job.
What skills should be written in a waiter

What skills should be written in a waiter's resume?

Many employers realized a long time ago that skilled and talented employees are an asset to their business, even if they did not acquire a relevant education or did not have time to experience actual work in the field. As mentioned, many even prefer to hire talented employees with high-level personal skills and train them according to their needs.

If you have skills suitable for waitresses, it is worthwhile to dedicate a section to them in your resume. What skills? As you know, most of the waiter's work revolves around customer service. That is why kindness, patience, helpfulness, and charisma, for example, are character traits that should be mentioned in a waiter's resume if he is indeed endowed with them. Not only may this convey to the employer that you are a suitable candidate for the position, but such character traits can also help you earn excellent tips.

In addition to the service aspect, it should be remembered that the work of a waiter is often physical and not easy at all - he "stands on his feet" for long hours, even on weekends and holidays. He has to function flawlessly during the busy hours of the restaurant, balance many plates on trays while taking an order, type her in the cash register system, and brings napkins to the table 5. Therefore, if you can do physical work, handle multiple tasks, and function well under pressure, mention these skills in your resume. A little tip: if the employer requires an immediate start or a willingness to work on weekends and it suits you, mention these details in your resume.

Other knowledge and skills worth briefly mentioning are language skills and technical skills such as command of languages ​​(especially if you are interested in working as waiters in hotels or restaurants that host tourists), cash register operation skills, digital menus, etc.