Software tester resume

What do you write in a software tester

What do you write in a software tester's resume?

The software testing profession, also known as QA, has become one of the most sought-after professions in the market because it allows many people who are not programmers to enter the high-tech world for the first time. Under the heading of software testing or quality, testing is various roles with varying levels of familiarity with programming languages. Some testers perform manual tests, and those use various automation tools. Therefore, when we draft a resume for the position of a quality tester, we must specify precisely what we control. Do we master specific computer languages ​​, or are we familiar with them? In SQL? Are we already familiar with standard testing protocols? Every employer expects the level of training they will have to invest in us. Therefore we must mention the knowledge we already have. There is no reason to worry if you have not yet worked with all the tools we have listed here, especially if you are at the beginning of your journey. Many employers are interested in training their software testers from scratch according to their work theory. They are mainly looking for candidates with a lot of motivation and a developed technical sense.
Previous experience for QA resume

Previous experience for QA resume

If you have previously worked in software testing, expand on this in your resume. Did you work as part of a team or as an individual? What protocols did you use? What technologies have you come into contact with? Try to be as accurate as possible. From company to company, the nature of the quality control role varies greatly, don't assume that the employer can already figure out your last job for himself. If you served in the intelligence or ICT units where you acquired technical knowledge, it could be a good idea to mention this in your resume.
What skills do you write in a software tester

What skills do you write in a software tester's resume?

We must note which software we are familiar with, from office software to testing software. Even if the company we will work for uses other software, controlling a large amount of software creates the impression of a person with a developed technical sense and quick absorption. Again, similar to familiarization with the software, even if the position did not necessarily involve software testing, the fact that you were able to integrate into a technologically challenging environment and learn to use new software shows your developed technical skills.