Public Transport Driver Resume

What do you write in the resume of a public transport driver?

What do you write in the resume of a public transport driver?

They are responsible for getting us home safely and ensuring we get to work in the morning on time. Public transport drivers are an integral part of all of our daily lives. Working as a public transport driver requires dedication, perseverance, responsibility, and vigilance. And a career in this field can be very stable and rewarding. Not sure if you are expected to hold additional driver's licenses or if the employer will finance the license issuance? Not sure what, if any, experience would be relevant to mention on your resume? We have compiled the primary important things to know when building a resume for a public transport driver.
What do you write in a taxi driver

What do you write in a taxi driver's resume?

The most important thing that should appear prominently on a taxi driver's resume is that he holds the license required by law to drive a taxi. Unlike buses and trains, employers often train their drivers in these cases. Taxi drivers have to purchase the license themselves to practice the profession. 

Beyond the details of the driver's licenses you hold, experience in the world of marketing or sales can be relevant because it indicates good human relations. It is important to remember that taxi drivers, beyond the fact that it is essential to be responsible and skilled drivers, should make passengers feel comfortable in the taxi. Your future employer must understand that you have an excellent approach to people and that the customers you drove left satisfied and will recommend the taxi station to their friends.
What do you write on a bus driver

What do you write on a bus driver's resume?

Bus drivers are public transport drivers with the most responsibility. They transport many people during each working day, move around the busy city roads and come into the most direct contact with the traveling public. The primary public transport companies compete with each other on the terms of employment to recruit quality drivers for their services who will remain with them for a long time. When building a resume for a bus driver, the two main things to consider are the work experience and the driving licenses you hold. If you already have a driver's license for a bus, this can be a significant advantage because there will be no need for training for it, and you will be able to get behind the wheel quickly. If you don't have a bus driver's license, don't worry, the major transportation companies operate schools and train many drivers yearly. Nevertheless, state the licenses you have and remember that if you are a responsible driver, there is no reason why you won't be hired.

As far as work experience is concerned, driving experience also from the army is excellent. Also, customer service experience can be relevant given that it is integral to a bus driver's job. Even if your experience is from other fields, you should mention it and note that you are describing the professional challenges that are also relevant to the work of a bus driver. For example, good human relations, patience and attention, and hard work over many hours.
What to write in the resume of a train driver and other means of public transportation?

What to write in the resume of a train driver and other means of public transportation?

As train locomotive drivers, light rail drivers, metro, or other means of driving, the employer will be responsible for training you because driving in each of these means is different and unique. To be admitted to the courses, you must pass various screenings and the training course. When drafting a resume for these positions, paying attention to a few points is essential. First and foremost, you want to convey that you are a reliable, responsible, and punctual worker. As drivers of large vehicles, the lives and personal safety of the many passengers will be in your hands and at your discretion. Your work experience must reflect these qualities.

In addition, it is important to emphasize technical abilities. A locomotive driver must be knowledgeable and control the train's operating system to drive it properly and deal with malfunctions that may impair its function. If you have any technical knowledge or training in the subject, mention it. Your employers must see that you have successfully faced a technical challenge in the past.

In addition, it would not hurt to mention experience in customer service. Although locomotive drivers and means of this type often do not come into direct contact with the traveling public, they are nevertheless part of the public transportation system. And as part of this system, they must be presentable, courteous, and patient. If you have an experience that will testify to excellent human relations, mention it.
What do you write in the resume of a shuttle driver?

What do you write in the resume of a shuttle driver?

Many private companies are looking for shuttle drivers operating various vehicles, including minibusses, large taxis, or buses. The private companies usually do not train drivers. Therefore they are looking for someone with a valid license for the relevant vehicle. Therefore, first and foremost, your driver's license must be clearly and prominently stated in the resume. Please note that the license you hold corresponds to the company's needs to see if you are qualified to fulfill the position.

Beyond that, you should mention experience in professional driving. The more seniority you have, the more attractive candidates you will be for the position. Experience in the service field that will testify to your interpersonal skills is also particularly relevant. Remember that, unlike the public transport companies, the private companies are in close competition with many service providers. The service the customers will receive from the drivers can give them a significant advantage over the competitors. So you must present excellent human relations to them, so they trust you to represent them to their clients.
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