Lifeguard Resume

Writing a lifeguard resume

Writing a lifeguard resume

On the one hand, lifeguards were privileged to work in the most colorful and happy working environments, such as pools and beaches. Nevertheless, they have a heavy responsibility; a sleepy and distracted lifeguard may endanger lives! That's why a lifeguard's resume should reflect an image of a person, on the one hand, social, helpful, and pleasant. But on the other hand, he is responsible and quick to respond. If you love water and swimming, this may be your most suitable professional route. Your resume must open the door for this opportunity.
Training and certification in a lifeguard

Training and certification in a lifeguard's resume

In resumes, we usually list under the heading "Education" the relevant training, further education, and degrees we have earned. In the rescue case, the most significant training is a clear indication of whether there is a rescue certificate and, if so, of what type. In many cases, if you have a pool operating certificate, this can be an advantage, so it is worth mentioning it in a prominent place also, if you have undergone first aid training and in what context. Of course, if you were medics, paramedics, or volunteers in the Red Cross, this training is critical and relevant to your resume as a lifeguard. Beyond that, studies in the field of sports and nutrition can be appropriate. Of course, it is worth mentioning if you have completed matriculation.

Nevertheless, If you received a civil rescue certificate or a polite pool operator's certificate, state this under "Education" early in the resume, and do not leave the information for a later place in the resume so that the potential employer does not miss this vital information. It is important to note that you will often be required to undergo health tests to assess your suitability for the position. You should have a current "summary of medical information" certificate.
What experience do you write on a lifeguard

What experience do you write on a lifeguard's resume?

If you have previous experience in rescue, it is crucial to mention it. Don't settle for a laconic mention. Make sure you expand on the nature of the work. Have you worked in a successful pool with high occupancy, especially on weekends? Do you have extensive experience working with children and youth? Have you ever worked as a lifeguard on beaches and faced extreme weather conditions? Do not be afraid to describe the nature of the work in detail, so the employer knows that you have faced many challenges and can be trusted.
Resume of a lifeguard without experience

Resume of a lifeguard without experience

If you don't have experience yet, don't worry! In this case, note that you indicate your training before the work experience in the resume to give it more weight. And when you refer to experience from other fields, prefer an experience that can point to your links as shadows. For example, experience in the service industry can testify to your good human relations, which is an essential part of lifeguard work. Focus on positions where you were responsible for a large number of people, for example, training positions. It is essential that the impression that you have dealt with jobs that required a lot of responsibility in the past, even security and guarding positions, can be relevant. Remember that rescue is physical work in field conditions. This irrelevant experience will be easy to omit or mention briefly to maintain a continuity of employment in the resume.
What skills do you write in a lifeguard

What skills do you write in a lifeguard's resume?

Remember that your abilities not expressed elsewhere in the resume can be given a place under the heading of additional skills. It is extremely important to note if you know other languages because this can be a massive advantage for you as lifeguards who will probably come into contact with various populations and tourists. Also, engaging in sports professionally or seriously can testify to physical abilities that will be an advantage for candidates.
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