Flight attendant resume

What does a flight attendant do?

What does a flight attendant do?

Every year the number of flights that take off and land in airports worldwide rises more and more. As a result, the need for flight attendants is only increasing. This profession is a demanding position requiring responsibility, commitment, and a high sense of service. During the flight, the flight attendants must respond to every need on the plane, from changing seats and health problems during the flight to real emergencies. The need for high-quality and responsible flight attendants is also reflected in the flight company's recruitment route for flight attendants over the age of 45, meaning the designation of experienced women to fill the position. In addition, the process of selection and training for the job does not end with a personal interview. Flight attendants go through a long process of screening and then training. Flight attendants must commit to a long period of work and strict flight schedules. Therefore, before you draft your resume, ensure you have the leisure to commit and the desire to invest.
What experience do you write on a flight attendant

What experience do you write on a flight attendant's resume?

In addition to this, an attendant is expected to be able to provide a very high level of service and be responsible and able to function under pressure. Therefore, the relevant experience is an experience in the various service branches. Preference is given to places where the service is strict, such as luxury hotels, quality restaurants, or official institutions. Also, it will be easier to indicate in the resume positions where you dealt with many tasks in real time because these are also skills required for aircrew. Also, because part of the training for the flight attendant course is a safety and first aid course, if you have previous experience in the fields we mentioned, let's say, working as a paramedic or volunteering as a paramedic. This will also indicate that you have dealt with a lot of responsibility in the past and possibly even emergencies. Of course, if you have worked as air or ground attendants in the past, this experience will be a significant advantage.
What skills do you write in a flight attendant

What skills do you write in a flight attendant's resume?

Other skills that are important to highlight in a flight attendant's resume include good knowledge of the English language or other languages. Furthermore, a good command of at least English is necessary for fulfilling the position, so those who do not speak it fluently may need to strengthen their English before the exams. Beyond that, try to emphasize special skills that can be useful for a flight attendant, such as being able to withstand pressure, performing several tasks simultaneously, good expressiveness, and good interpersonal relations.