Firefighter resume

Writing a firefighter resume

Writing a firefighter resume

It is clear to everyone that the firefighters' work is a mission, as they consciously risk their lives to save the lives of others. Their role involves going through challenging training and requires the firefighter to demonstrate maturity, responsibility, composure, and the ability to function under pressure. Because of this, a firefighter's resume should reflect his ability to succeed in the field. Although your suitability for the fire department will be tested in a structured selection process through various psycho-technical, social, and physical tests, submitting a resume is a basic prerequisite for starting the process, which is carried out by the government authority. A high-quality resume will help the examiners and sorters get to know you better and form a favorable opinion of you even before the selections begin.
Education in a firefighter

Education in a firefighter's resume

Firefighter resumes, like resumes in any other field, should include a breakdown of the education you have acquired so far. In this section, you can tell about your high school education, your professional courses, and your academic degrees. Education relevant to working in the field of firefighting can even be a significant advantage for you. For example, suppose you have taken a first aid course, a paramedic course, a lifeguard course, etc. In that case, you have a previous background, basic life-saving knowledge, and even an affinity for the field.
 Experience in a firefighter resume

Experience in a firefighter resume

The work experience section is another essential part of a firefighter's resume. This part provides examiners and sorters with a better understanding of your previous experience in the labor market and teaches them what challenges you faced and what skills you acquired in your previous jobs - which will deepen their acquaintance with you and provide them with a better idea of ​​the occupational background from which you come.

Write down where you worked and for what years, and for each workplace, list in points the areas of responsibility you held, what skills you brought to light, what achievements you reached within the role, and more. Formulate the information in short, easy-to-understand sentences, and highlight in bold text important keywords and previous jobs relevant to the firefighter's work - for example, if you worked as a lifeguard, paramedic, fitness trainer, etc.

Remember that the professional training required for a firefighter will go through dedicated training processes of the Fire and Rescue Authority. Therefore you are not expected to come prepared with previous experience in the field. However, previous experience in overlapping or similar fields can increase your chances of passing the first selection processes, both because it will demonstrate to the examiners that you have a relevant background and also because your performance in the selections themselves will probably be better than candidates without an experience in the rescue field.
Military service on a firefighter

Military service on a firefighter's resume

This is a non-mandatory part of a resume for most fields. Still, in a firefighter's resume, it is recommended to include military service, especially if you have relevant military experience. If you served as an army firefighter in the Air Force, engaged in rescue and rescue as part of your duty, or served in a "combat" position, write where in what job and what it included. Also, in this part of the resume, you can indicate which skills you acquired during your military service and which skills you demonstrated to succeed.
What skills to write in a firefighter

What skills to write in a firefighter's resume?

In this part of the resume, state any special skills and abilities you think are relevant to working in the fire department. For example: if you are gifted with the ability to function excellently under pressure, if you manage to keep your cool in extreme situations and excel in teamwork, you should mention this in your resume. You can also mention relevant character traits that characterize you.
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