Content writer resume

Education and experience in a content writer

Education and experience in a content writer's resume

Although exciting and eloquent writing is sometimes a matter of talent, what is true for most professions is also true for content writers and content editors - many employers prefer candidates with relevant education and work experience and as extensive as possible. Therefore, if, in addition to your talent and love for the written word, you also graduated with a bachelor's degree in language or various writing courses (technical writing, creative writing, translation, etc.), do not forget to mention and emphasize this in your resume.

Also, if you have work experience in the field as hired or freelance content writer/content editor, state this and describe in bullet points the type of content in which you specialize. Did you write operating instructions for the devices? Mention that you were engaged in technical writing. Have you written content for websites? That means you write digital content. Suppose the writing job requires additional skills such as technical knowledge in a specific field or keyword research. In that case, a content editor's resume must include this, especially skills relevant to the job you are currently applying for.
What skills should you write on a resume for content editing?

What skills should you write on a resume for content editing?

As mentioned, if you have additional skills, which may help you get the desired job, it is crucial to mention them in your resume. For example, command of several languages ​​is a great advantage in most fields of employment, but in writing in particular. Knowledge and experience in writing in languages ​​other than your native language are a significant advantage for certain businesses that appeal to an audience that does not necessarily speak your native language, such as new immigrants, older people, etc. Another example is technical writing, which sometimes requires mastery of foreign languages, especially English.

Also, translation studies and work experience in the field are additional tools in your toolbox, which are very important to include in the resume of a content writer or editor. The ability to translate a text correctly and accurately and even rewrite it so that the language compliments it is essential and relevant for many writers who work with foreign texts. Therefore knowledge and experience in translation will be an advantage in many workplaces. Of course, if you have additional abilities and skills relevant to the job you are applying for, mention them and emphasize the most important skills.
Should a portfolio be attached to a content writer

Should a portfolio be attached to a content writer's resume?

In addition to the usual requirement to submit a resume, your potential employer will likely ask to get an impression of the texts you have written or assign you a writing assignment to get an accurate idea of ​​your professional abilities as a writer (do you write without spelling errors? Use the punctuation marks correctly? Do you know how to self-proof?) and to understand your writing style (what is the linguistic phase in which you write? Is the writing flowing and pleasant to read? Is it suitable for the target audience to which the business is aimed?).

If you have to choose some examples from texts you have written in the past, be sure to select those that you are particularly proud of and those whose writing style matches what is required. It is better not to submit a prose section if you are applying for a technical writing position. Of course, if there is a specific request from the employer to see various writing styles, you should send the best content you wrote in each style.

Alternatively, if the employer asks you to write content on a certain topic, stick to his instructions and requests and write the content in a style that suits the type of job with extra attention and, of course - with pleasure. Attach the samples to the employer's request to supplement the resume.
Resume of a technical writer

Resume of a technical writer

Suppose you specialize in technical writing and are looking for a job in the field. In that case, your resume should reflect your affinity for writing alongside your affinity for the world of technology. Technical writers are the ones who draw up various user and operating instructions, starting with booklets that describe the technical specifications of the new camera you bought and how to use it and ending with information books about the enormous production machines that were used to create the camera.

If so, tell us about your background in writing, both in terms of the writing courses you completed and in words of the work experience you had in the field. Write where you studied, in what years, and what degree or certificate you received upon graduation. Also, detail where you worked, for which employers, your job description, and what you did in your normal daily routine at work. Summarize and divide it into short points.

In addition, tell about your affinity to the world of technology and the technical background you come with. Write about your level of command in foreign languages and your orientation in relevant technical terms.